Company History

When the U.S. economy took a hit in 2008, Founder and CEO, Mynul Khan, witnessed a major shift in the way people work. Instead of hiring permanent employees, companies were beginning to use freelancers to deliver their on-site labor and expertise. Identifying an opportunity to address the growing need for companies and independent workers to easily connect with one another, Khan created a platform that did that very thing and Field Nation was born.

Starting a company at the height of an economic depression hasn’t always been easy. It has required hard work, grit, and in the early days, being okay with operating out of the back of a pet food supply warehouse. Today, Field Nation’s most tenured employees still revere the value of “being resourceful,” since it harkens back to the first building blocks of the company’s foundation.

Since then, Field Nation has established itself as the fastest growing platform supporting the future of work and the new global workforce. In September 2015, Field Nation received a $30 million investment from Susquehanna Growth Equity and was named the Best Break Business by the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce in 2016. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recently named Field Nation as the most promising startup, an honor supported by Field Nation tripling its headcount locally and abroad.

Over tens of thousands of jobs are created each month in the fields of IT, telecommunications, hospitality, and field services. And with hundreds of millions of dollars of work completed on the platform to date, and a growing network of trusted businesses and freelance technicians, Field Nation is the place people go to get work done.


One of the leading values at Field Nation is working together to win. This wouldn’t be possible without the people who have helped mold the company into what it is today, and the employees who continue to influence where the company is going. Our leadership team is responsible for paving the path towards a new way of getting work done and helping people accomplish great things.