10 Trends the IT Outsourcing Industry Can Expect in 2014

4.25.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Creative Commons Attribution Some rights reserved by JD Hancock
Creative Commons Attribution Some rights reserved by JD Hancock

CIO recently looked at the upcoming trends that can be expected to influence the IT outsourcing field in 2014. Check out their list:


  1. Look for article intelligence and automated machines to compete with humans for employment and task completion.
  2. Efforts to scale cost and preserve talent will lead to the implementation of both insourced and outsourced offshore services.
  3. Insourcing will flourish as companies push to regain control of their workforce.
  4. Service integration will be brought back in-house so companies can establish ease of management and overall effectiveness in their practices.
  5. As cloud goes mainstream, users will be able to compare options and encourage competition, leaving providers with the opportunity to pick the most innovative technology and utilize it for business purposes.
  6. Outsourced cooperation agreements are on the rise as organizations work together and strive to capitalize financially and reach related goals.
  7. Outsourced consultations take a backseat and companies use their own consultants as a means of limiting their financial obligations.
  8. Watch for Indian-based IT service firms to put pressure on U.S.-based companies over infrastructure deals.
  9. Expect large-scale operations to be broken down into numerous, smaller deals and small-scale operations to be bundled into midsized deals as a way to gain traction with clients.
  10. With business services going global, establishing a governing body to oversee transactions will become critical, but expect a shortage in political talent to severely limit this endeavor.


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