2014 Year in Review

12.28.2014, Written by Annie Wang

FB Profile2014 was an amazing year at Field Nation. The last 12 months have yielded a tapestry of platform enhancements, industry buzz, and major growth and expansion. As we look toward 2015, we take the time to reflect on everything that happened this year.


12) The Winter Olympics

February marked the start of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. From breathtaking special effects at the opening ceremony, to 4G wireless Internet access inside the Olympic stadium, Sochi showed the world what it takes to truly implement technology for the betterment of the Olympic Games. Capturing the technology that powered the most extravagant Winter Olympics in history, our infographic highlighted the formula for a winning Games.


11) Fiber is Coming to Town

With almost 3 billion Internet users in the world, the growing demand for interconnectivity has led to an increased need for certified fiber technicians. Research analysts outlined the explosive growth expected to impact the fiber industry, suggesting an average annual growth rate of 14.5% and over $1.3 billion in revenue through 2017. Plans to extend high-speed fiber networks nationwide have been initiated by several telecom conglomerates and the future of the Internet looks to be built on the gigabit speeds of optical fiber. Bringing the new opportunities presented by this exciting industry in-house, Field Nation announced an educational partnership with FiberOptic.com, the leading online provider of fiber optic products, training and rental solutions.


10) Success with Tasks

The announcement of WorkSmart Workflow in April offered a complete solution to the most common project management problems expressed by Field Nation users and industry experts alike. Drawing from the latest business intelligence to help organizations create, control and complete their work using unprecedented levels of awareness, granularity and control enabled the success of projects on every level. Of the several WorkSmart Workflow features that were quickly adopted, tasks enabled users to get work done faster and better than ever before. Allowing for the definition of required steps, sequences and deadlines for a job, task-enabled work orders saw empirically faster approval and request times, as well as a boost in work quality.


9) World Cup Tech

We witnessed the kickoff of the biggest sporting event in the world this June with the 2014 World Cup. Hosted in Brazil, the tournament was one of the biggest and most technologically advanced yet. Capturing the various facets that made everything possible, our infographic highlighted the technology that powered this massive event.


8) CoLo Launch

Breaking down the barriers to get great work done was a driving force behind the Field Nation Freelancer CoLo which was officially announced in December. Located at the Field Nation headquarters on the 23rd floor of the AT&T Tower in Minneapolis, MN, The CoLo is a designated co-location workspace where Field Nation users can host meetings and utilize corporate accommodations to conduct and grow their business. Perfect for users who need to meet with Minneapolis-based clients and work in a professional, downtown environment, The CoLo offers a unique opportunity for users to accelerate their business.


7) Rise of the Freelancer Management System

As one of the first companies devoted to connecting businesses with technology professionals using a web platform, FieldNation.com was identified as a leader in the emerging Freelancer Management System (FMS) category. The category was identified in a recent research report published by Staffing Industry Analysts. Research analyst David Francis identifies the new FMS category in “Rise of Emerging Technology Platforms” as one that enables enterprises to self-manage their engagements with independent workers and freelancers. Field Nation has helped business and independent contractors connect since 2008 and has helped organizations find talent, create lasting relationships, and manage workflow in a cost-effective way.


6) Inc. 500…Again!

An ongoing initiative to disrupt the traditional business model by bringing the future of the professional marketplace to the present led Field Nation to being named to Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America list for the second year in a row. The honor highlighted several expansions into new industries like optical fiber, satellite and construction, as well as a three-year growth of over 1,000 percent. With the continued application and adoption of FMS technology in the professional marketplace, FieldNation.com proves there is a place for a global independent workforce to thrive.


5) The Today SLA

After unveiling the newly innovated FieldNation.com in October, a suite of business acceleration features were released that provided ready access to the platform and rapid response to immediate business needs. Analytics showed that 42% of work is defined, assigned, delivered and completed within 24 hours on the Field Nation platform. Organizations are able to easily initiate new work orders directly from the homepage and quickly post projects, search for skilled professionals, and assign contractors to open work orders with just a few clicks and a couple of minutes. Accelerating the rate of project completion delivers faster Service Level Agreements and an overall higher quality of work, making Field Nation the first choice for businesses who need skilled contractors to complete work at a moment’s notice.


4) The New Face of the American Workforce

The world of work is changing. The new face of the American workforce and an increasing portion of the international workforce is more independent, engaged and better able to deliver results, services, and products than the traditional monolithic corporation. With a shift away from traditional employment and towards contract expertise, studies predict that 40% of Americans will be freelancers by 2020. In a move to connect with these highly engaged experts, organizations are turning to FMS technology and the independent worker who is better able to deliver results, products and services for a fraction of the cost.


3) Levi’s® Stadium

In August, the new Levi’s Stadium opened, where the San Francisco 49ers call home. The stadium broke ground by becoming one of the first in the world to see the combination of sports, technology and sustainable forces change the way future entertainment venues are envisioned. As new and experimental technology continues to provide creative ways for the world to “go green,” our infographic on the technology behind the new stadium highlighted this movement.


2) New Website

The new FieldNation.com was launched in October and demonstrated a leading core value of our company – disruption through innovation. Users are now able to leverage the Field Nation platform by accessing a unique integration of business and technology in a way that drives speed and optimizes efficiency. Boasting an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides real-time insight and data visualizations of comparative opportunities and speed of acquisition, the new FieldNation.com is where people go to connect and get great work done.


1) You’re Thinking About Engagement Wrong

A disengagement dilemma has plagued the American workforce for far too long, costing businesses valuable time and money. With only 13% of traditional full-time workers reporting they are engaged with their jobs and a cost of $450-500 billion in lost productivity, organizations are looking beyond their W2 employees to the engaged and successful contingent workforce that enables them to get more work done where and when they need it. The highly autonomous, competent and engaged freelance and independent contractor workforce is more engaged, satisfied and committed to the success of the organization’s they work for. Incidentally, they are also relatively easy to find. Field Nation’s dynamic marketplace of skilled contractors, streamlined project management system, and global reach enables businesses to connect with the experts they need to get more work done.