5 Ways to Maximize Collaborative Workspace

4.2.2015, Written by Annie Wang

Field Nation CoLo Grand OpeningYou’ve heard the buzz. Use of co-working or collaborative workspace is on the rise. These new workspaces, usually centered in a busy downtown area, are ideal for the independent contractor who is on the go and needs a convenient place to drop in, plug in and catch up between client meetings – or at the start (or end) of a hectic workday.

Field Nation opened its own collaborative workspace for registered FieldNation.com users at its Minneapolis headquarters – the 23rd floor of the AT&T Tower, 901 Marquette Ave.

The new CoLo space features 15 workspaces, a private meeting room, a collaborative meeting space, free wi-fi and access to printers and landline telephones.

Why would you ever use the new CoLo space at Field Nation? Let us count the ways for you…


  1. Network. One benefit of spending work time in a collaborative workspace is to network with other individuals who use that space. Collaborative space allows you to develop new, professional relationships with other talented people. You never know when you may need to partner with someone who has a unique set of skills to win a new contract. Co-working space allows you to expand your network and get business opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have.
  1. Maximize Time. Let’s face it, there are only so many work hours in a day. When you use a collaborative workspace you’re more likely to remain productive between client meetings. Sitting down in an office environment for an hour or two leads to a shorter to-do list at the end of the day.
  1. Enhance Reputation. Your clients pay you for your skill set and ability to get things done. To convey your professionalism, use the Field Nation CoLo space to meet with potential customers. Impress them with a workspace that says, “I know how to conduct business.”
  1. Get Inspired. If you’re an independent contractor building a business, use CoLo as a place to get inspiration. Dedicate time that fits your schedule to seclude yourself in an environment where you can focus on your business goals and objectives. Make five customer prospect calls. Build your website. The space is yours to allow for more creativity and productivity!
  1. It’s Free. Field Nation platform users can stop in and use the CoLo space any time. No reservation required. Maybe you currently use the nearest coffee shop when you’re between client visits (isn’t it awesome when the only available table is in the back, next to the restroom and the wi-fi is way slow!). At CoLo the coffee is on us and the wi-fi is always set to blazing.


“Co-working is what you make of it,” says Don Ball, co-founder of CoCo in Minneapolis, the leading collaborative workspace center in the Midwest. “I applaud Field Nation for offering its own version of collaborative workspace for its members. I’ve seen first-hand the benefits people receive when working at a desk near other like-minded individuals. It’s a great environment to get centered and get work done!”

Learn how you can get involved in the new co-working movement and take advantage of the Field Nation CoLo workspace and everything it has to offer the on-the-go business person (must be signed-up as a Field Nation user). Or, join us at the Grand Opening of the Field Nation Freelancer CoLo on Tuesday, April 7th at 4:30pm CST to see first-hand how this unique space can help you get work done.