6 Things Companies Should Look for When Hiring Freelance Technicians: Part 1 of 2

6.8.2016, Written by Nora Hartman

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Today, many service leaders are constantly searching for industry talent that is reliable and easy to access. Great service is often the key to keeping customers happy – but staffing can be complicated, particularly when you’re dealing with seasonal workload fluctuations, a sudden skills gap, or the loss of experienced employees. In the modern world, the need for competent field service technicians is evident as a result of the development of complex equipment and high customer expectations which makes talent management a concern for many organizations.

A recent survey by The Service Council found that about 32% of respondents are currently facing a talent shortage, while 71% expect to struggle during the next decade. Hiring field service contractors to assist in managing the new and essential forms of technology used today could be the optimal solution in filling staffing holes and accessing talented and transparent expertise. So what should your company be looking for when hiring field service contractors?

1) Consistent Response Time and Service Delivery

Many contractors stay offsite for significant periods of time – reducing the amount of time your team is able to communicate with them in person. This means that your field service contractors must be prompt in responding to any and all queries that your team may have. They’ll need to inform you and your team of what they’re doing and how the process is moving forward. From the very first interaction you have with a contractor, you should be able to start gauging availability and responsiveness for your future working relationship. After all, using third-party contractors shouldn’t have an impact on your ability to streamline your own company service.

2) A Clean Background Check

Even if you have had a contractor recommended to you by a peer who has used that person before, it’s important to establish some credentials. A full and comprehensive background check that allows you to check for drugs and legal problems in a person’s past will help you to get a better insight into the behavior of your prospective contractor while keeping you protected from any future legal actions or formal complaints.

3) Great Habits and Work History

Just because you aren’t necessarily hiring a permanent addition to your staff doesn’t mean you don’t want to check out their prior experience. Working with a freelance professional requires knowledge and trust. While some contractors are specialists within particular fields, others are generalists, and learning their work history will give you an insight into whether they’re right for your project. Try to see examples of their work firsthand and look for things which indicate they will make a great addition to your project team. Also, make sure to track any instances that signal a lack of professionalism, such as an inability to return calls or keep appointments. These small matters may not seem like much but they can be important in establishing the future quality of work.


This is part 1 of 2 for 6 Things Companies Should Look for When Hiring Field Service Contractors. Stay tuned for part 2, which will be available June 15, 2016.