A Conversation with Field Nation CEO, Mynul Khan

1.18.2016, Written by Annie Wang
Mynul Khan, the CEO of Field Nation, the leading contingent workforce management platform for businesses and freelancers.
Field Nation CEO, Mynul Khan

This article originally appeared in the Star Tribune on January 16, 2016.

Field Nation has made a fast-growing business out of connecting tech service companies with freelance technicians, but CEO Mynul Khan is thinking bigger. He believes the 7-year-old firm can be the “Amazon of work.” The company in 2015 acquired a key competitor, raised $30 million in investment, tripled its full-time workforce to 140 (55 at Minneapolis headquarters), and saw the volume of its transactions grow 65 percent. It rolled out a mobile app for contractors and is now offering its platform to companies who need software to manage their workforce. Khan spoke at the firm’s offices on the 23rd floor of the AT&T Tower.

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