A New Way to Think About Cell Site Deployment & Maintenance

3.23.2016, Written by Annie Wang

Telecommunications tower, network densification, macro and micro cellsThis article originally appeared on Telecom Reseller and was published on March 14, 2016.


“News of Sprint’s latest initiatives to reinvent its network by replacing costly macro cell sites with small cells and micro sites has been dubbed the “Next Generation Network.” The increase of coverage and capacity by deploying tens of thousands of small cells has even prompted CEO, Marcelo Claure, to say that the plan will “deliver the capacity, speed and coverage to position Sprint for network parity and superiority over the next two years.”

Sprint’s approach to densification will create better service in urban areas as it fills out its network with thousands of small antennas (mini macros) that bolster capacity. According to reports, the wireless carrier’s plan to become the leading carrier in the nation in the next 18 to 24 months is based solely on network densification. While exact details have yet to be released, industry experts are predicting that Sprint’s NGN will require 70,000 new small cells, as well as several thousand macro cells, and the challenge of cost-effectively supporting a 1,000-fold increase in traffic demand will place pressure on carriers and small telecom providers.”


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