Autotask Integration

12.4.2012, Written by Andrew Kandels
Field Nation and Autotask Partner to Enable
Business Growth and Staffing
IT businesses get full-service support to manage and staff projects
Autotask, a leading hosted information technology (IT) business management software company, and Field Nation, a web-based business management and staffing solution for IT consultants and technicians, recently partnered to provide clients and businesses with an innovative, seamless solution.
Using its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Autotask helps technology solution providers better manage their business, build their client base and enhance their bottom line. The solution identifies which clients are most profitable, whether services are priced correctly and helps ensure that technicians are fully optimized. Autotask also helps determine the cost of a specific project, so informed decisions can be made before placing a bid on projects.
Field Nation’s web portal helps independent IT technicians grow and expand their business by providing an online workplace where users can connect and market their services. Field Nation clients set up their storefronts in the Field Nation marketplace where they can promote their services, search for projects, bill for services and get paid quickly once they complete a project. In addition, Field Nation users can find technicians to support specific projects nearly anywhere in the United States. It’s this human capital element that adds to the equation, making Autotask and Field Nation the destination for companies that want to grow.
“Autotask is a powerful CRM-based software that helps businesses manage their bottom line and Field Nation provides the access to human capital – people with very specialized IT backgrounds – who can complete nearly any kind of IT project,” said Mynul Khan, CEO of Minneapolis-based Field Nation. “Together we’re able to integrate our platforms and provide the best of both worlds to our users.”
The two companies connected and integrated their specific tools so users can access the features and functions of both Autotask and Field Nation seamlessly from the Internet.
A small IT company can expand its footprint and do business in parts of the country where, logistically, it wasn’t possible before. As a company grows, Autotask will help the business owner manage a profitable business more effectively. Larger companies can use Field Nation to deploy IT technicians without adding to their permanent staff, allowing for higher margins and more profitability for each project.
Form and Function
Together the companies provide clients with integrated services that have both form and high function because the demand for staffing and enhanced business management only increases as companies scale and grow.
In the past, IT companies found it difficult to do business outside their immediate service areas unless they knew someone they could trust to perform the work. Now, using the features of both offerings, a company based in Dallas, for example, that has an opportunity to do work in Boston can bid the project more effectively and then outsource their staffing needs with on-site IT technicians in Boston.  This seamless way to manage and complete projects helps companies grow without dramatically increasing their cost to do business.
 “We knew we could provide a toolset that our collective set of clients would use to improve how they ran their businesses,” said Rhonda Hains, manager of industry alliances at New York-based Autotask. “So we developed a suite of services that is not only innovative to the IT industry, but also easy to use. Now, clients can make one work order and with the click of the mouse, that order will feed into the Field Nation marketplace to help identify technicians so businesses can select the right staff to do the job.”
The seamless integration of the two services is fully transparent to the user. The client selects the technicians they choose to work with based on experience and project ratings and recommendations provided in the Field Nation marketplace. Clients can also create ongoing relationships with technicians so they can work with them repeatedly if they choose to do so.
The Autotask / Field Nation offering is a win for everyone involved.
Autotask now delivers staffing assistance to their users and Field Nation provides new business management tools to their 35,000 business and provider clients. With the integrated services, users will be able to get their work done more quickly and more profitably so they can do more business and better serve their customers.
For more information, visit either or; email, or call, 952-314-3868.