Autotask Unveils Its Platform Revamp Starring 10 Key Features

6.20.2014, Written by Annie Wang

During its Autotask Community Live! event in Miami last week, Field Nation integration partner Autotask gave the 900+ audience a sneak peek of its newly revamped user interface.


Driven by heavy analysis and customer needs, “Autotask’s new user interface includes dramatic improvements to increase usability to really maximize the value and align it with the way our customers work,” said Patrick Burns, Vice President of Product Management, Autotask. “The way it presents information in an easy, intuitive fashion allows users to be more proactive and strategic to get to that all important fact-based decision making that is going to set them apart in the marketplace.”


The redesigned IT Management platform provides an easier, more intuitive user experience while empowering its customers with accessible, actionable analytics that can help them drive powerful outcomes in their organizations. The roll-out of the new platform will take place in 2014’s fourth quarter to Autotask customers in English-speaking countries at no additional cost. For your sneak peek, check out this great slide show illustrating 10 powerful features of the newly reimagined platform: 10Cool New Features in Revamped Autotask


Field Nation is proud to integrate with Autotask — automating expertise and execution together. To learn more about this integration opportunity, talk to your Field Nation account representative or send an email to