Business Operations Underway at the Field Nation CoLo

4.17.2015, Written by Annie Wang
CoLo user, Dan Friedman-Shedlov
CoLo user and local provider, Dan Friedman-Shedlov

Just one week after the ribbon cutting and official debut of the Field Nation Freelancer CoLo, members of the platform are already utilizing the collaborative workspace to conduct and complete their work. Local freelancer and on-site data analyst provider, Dan Friedman-Shedlov was the first official user of the CoLo which is based out of the corporate headquarters location in downtown Minneapolis.

“It was very conducive to getting work done,” says Friedman-Shedlov. “I felt extremely effective there.”

The new space, which features 15 work areas, private meeting rooms and access to equipment like printers and telephones, meets the need of a growing population of contingent workers who do not spend their time in an office setting. With over 50 million freelancers nationwide, co-working spaces provide independents with a professional environment to connect with and get work done on behalf of their clients, as well as an opportunity to collaborate with others.

“Co-working is what you make of it,” says Don Ball, co-founder of CoCo in Minneapolis, the leading collaborative workspace center in the MidWest. “I’ve seen first-hand the benefits people receive when working at a desk near other like-minded individuals. It’s a great environment to get centered and get work done.”

Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation and the creative force behind the CoLo, agreed. “The norm for freelancers is to work from a home office or local coffee shop when they’re not on a client project,” he says. “We want to remove the barriers to work and give our platform users a real office where they can grow their business.”

As the co-working industry continue to double in size each year to meet the demand of the growing freelance workforce, spaces like the Field Nation Freelancer CoLo are being quickly adopted by those who need them most.

“I will take advantage of the CoLo space when I need several hours to focus and be effective,” says Friedman-Shedlov. “If there are others in my situation or a similar one, I encourage them to try out the space as well!”