Contract or Hire?

2.20.2013, Written by Andrew Kandels
Contract or Hire? It’s the question many executives ask as they look to grow their businesses, deliver better service and contain cost. Consider the following:
  • Hiring permanent staff changes the organization’s health insurance profile.
  • Hiring staff usually means more management costs.
  • Contract employees allow for flexibility – organizations can ramp and staff as needed.
  • Contract relationships enable organizations to reduce management and labor costs.

     The Affordable Care Act has business owners wondering what the impact will be on their      organization. Employer mandated care means organizations with 50 or more full time employees could face fines if they don’t provide a health benefit plan. Companies with fewer than 50 people might be eligible for tax credits that can provide an incentive to offer employee insurance.  Independent contractors have more options – and complexity – than ever. 
Field Nation is about helping you manage your work and your workforce.  If you’re a business looking to contain insurance costs, we can connect your business to highly skilled contract pros in your area.  If you’re a contractor looking to fill extra bench time, Field Nation can connect you with businesses that need your skill set! 
Whether you’re a business looking for workers or a worker looking for business, Field Nation will help you manage your business – including health insurance costs. 
Field Nation now has the Field Nation Group Rate Health Benefits Program.  With guaranteed acceptance, preferred group rates and easy enrollment, you get to leverage the combined benefit of Field Nation’s 30,000+ members to help manage health care costs.
So whether you’re looking to outsource expertise, find contracts in your specialty or simply run your business smarter, Field Nation is the place to look.
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