Digging Into The Trust & Transparency Of Online Work Marketplace Platforms

2.26.2014, Written by Annie Wang

Mynul Khan, CEO Field Nation

SMB Nation’s Alex Anderson writes a good article exploring the world of online work marketplaces. His interview with CEO Mynul Khan brings home the importance of trust and transparency when engaging with technicians, engineers and experts on Field Nation.


“It’s all about trust. ‘We focus on developing that trust, training and validation with people who are in the area. Then we make that information transparent. Trust and transparency goes hand in hand.”


Many other platforms see risk in a successful relationship between service providers and service buyers because that means work might be taken offline. But Field Nation is different.  We want to facilitate the relationship and the entire workflow of the project, from inception through completion because that is how work gets done.


Field Nation is all about getting work done.  Read the entire article to learn more.