Europe Readies For Field Nation

7.10.2013, Written by Andrew Kandels
Field Nation Heads To Europe

Creative Commons Attribution by Flickr user hozinja

Contracting, temp staffing and independent field service work is a global phenomenon.  Independent professionals across all industries have risen by 82% since the year 2000 in Europe according to this EFIP study.  The pace of is quickening.  As companies need to remain agile in order to compete and pivot in global and regional markets, they also seek just-in-time expertise and local talent to fulfill their immediate needs.  This means huge opportunity for both professionals who desire independence and organizations who want to access the best talent while maintaining focus on their own core competencies.  Of course there are some organizations who have a widely distributed internal work force who address similar needs all from under a single corporate banner. 

While the opportunities for independent and skilled service work have increased in Europe and the world, the challenges have also increased.  Skilled provider and expertise location, training and certification are all challenges in finding the person with the right fitness and availability for your organization.  Project coordination across multiple locations, workflows, deliverable reviews, and payment are all challenges in management and deliveryof the actual work that must be done.

That is where Field Nation Europe comes in.  Field Nation is excited to announce that we’re expanding into Europe with an initial focus in the major metropolitan areas of 12 countries in Europe.  So if you’re an organization looking for a site survey techniciancisco network engineer or telecom consultant Field Nation can now find the right person to meet the needs of your team in Europe.  If you’re a skilled European professional looking for that a team that not only matches you up with opportunities, but helps manage the entire process from work order workflows through payment, then you have to check out Field Nation.

With our leading work order management platform and scheduling system, you can coordinate projects across different skill sets, certifications and now across different countries in Europe.  With our wide network of highly skilled service providers, you are assured that you can find right people where you have need. We remain committed to providing you with convenient access to the best local service providers, wherever they may be. 

Field Nation CEO, Mynul Khan, weighed in on the expansion, “We are extremely excited to bring Field Nation into Europe. The challenge of coordinating multiple projects with skilled professionals across locations is as great in Europe as it is anywhere.  With our ability to streamline work orders, coordinate delivery and match needs with skills, delivering work in the EU is as easy as delivering it in Boston or NYC. Now the ability to connect and work whether across town or across the ocean is just a click away.”  He pointed out that Field Nation’s focus on partnerships was key to our success.  “We have a fantastic partner network that includes professional development and industry best practice organizations as well as certification and training groups. Partnerships like these provide huge value to our users by ensuring that they have access to the best support, training and certification available. It is very exciting.”

Field Nation is initially launching in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom effective July 10, 2013.
So please join us in welcoming Europe into Field Nation and Field Nation into Europe.

Author: Billy Cripe