Field Nation and SBCA Partner to Bring Satellite Skills to Field Technicians Everywhere!

5.23.2013, Written by Andrew Kandels
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Over the past decade, consumer subscriptions to satellite broadcasting has grown over 76%.  In that same time, popular brands like DIRECTV and DISH have seen growth of over 79% and 71% respectively. Combined with the convergence of huge trends in user created content (YouTube, now 8 years old, uploads over 100 hours of video every minute!) and “information gateways” it is not surprising that satellite broadcasting is a booming business.
All this means that the demand for skilled network technicians, troubleshooters and architects has never been higher.
This is why Field Nation and the Satellite Broadcast & Communications Association (SBCA) have partnered to make SBCA training, certification and professional support easily available to all Field Nation users. 
SBCA provides education and certification for both residential and commercial satellite installations including servicing, theater, network and L&I (lodging and institution) for DirecTV and related satellite technologies.
Large organizations like hotel chains, hospitals, retail locations and apartment can now use Field Nation to find SBCA certified technicians in their area to service their satellite related needs.  Field Nation users can now directly with SBCA from right in the Field Nation platform to sign up for training, schedule recertification, and engage professionally with other SBCA professionals.  SBCA users can start using Field Nation immediately to find new work opportunities in their area and network with other industry peers.
“We are very excited for this new partnership.” Said Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation. “It is a win-win-win.  Our large institutional users win because they can now find highly skilled satellite professionals right from our platform.  Our independent contractor users win because we’re bringing an in-demand certification, and community right to them.  SBCA members win because we’re able to bring a massive network of work opportunities, tailor made for them, right to their computer screens.  It is really a great opportunity.”
SBCA concurs.  Amy Hagar, head of SBCA Communications and Marketing said that they look forward to being able to offer a wide array of Field Nation services to their membership.  She said, “Field Nation is an incredibly capable platform that not only allows our members to find opportunities for work but also allows them to engage with each other.”
Be sure to check out the new SBCA page on Field Nation and welcome them by engaging in their new professional group!
Blog written by Billy Cripe