Field Nation Announces Important Changes to Provider Insurance Policy

2.9.2015, Written by Annie Wang

frondesk_fn_v02We have found that more businesses engage with experts who have up-to-date insurance credentials listed on their profile. While all providers who sign up to do work on Field Nation attest that they have the coverages and licenses required to perform work in their designated area of service, correctly uploading a certificate of insurance (COI) in their profile remains a vital credential for buyers and providers alike. That is why Field Nation is pleased to announce a new insurance opportunity that is all service providers; starting on March 1, 2015, Field Nation will implement a general liability insurance program that provides general liability coverage for every Field Nation work order.

Field Nation’s general liability insurance program guarantees general liability coverage of up to $1,000,000 USD per event for work completed through our platform by Field Nation providers. Field Nation has always required providers to attest that they possess the appropriate business insurance, workers compensation and any other coverage that is required by law in their place of work; however, this program ensures that providers who do not have a current and valid general liability COI uploaded on their Field Nation profile will be automatically covered. This coverage is on a work order by work order basis and includes a small Field Nation service fee per approved work order. Service providers with a valid and up-to-date general liability certificate of insurance on their profile will experience no change.

In an effort to remove the barriers of shopping for insurance and comparing rates, Field Nation has also partnered with Dyste Williams, an independent insurance agency, to offer competitive insurance packages to providers. By ensuring that each and every provider has an option to compare coverage and prices with their current plans, our intent is that everyone is able to pick the plan that is best suited to their specific needs.

To learn more about these changes and what they mean for you, visit the Field Nation Insurance page where you will find more information on uploading your COI and the new Field Nation insurance program. We are very happy to be able to provide this coverage and break down another barrier to getting great work done.