Field Nation Integrates With ConnectWise to Simplify Business Process

8.27.2013, Written by Andrew Kandels

If you’ve ever worked in or run an IT shop for a company of more than 2 employees, chances are good that you have used a ticketing system to manage your help desk, IT services, dispatch technicians or even internal business processes.  If you’ve had the opportunity to use such a system, the chances are good that you’ve used ConnectWise.  ConnectWise develops service management software designed for IT service providersVARSISVs and MSPsto help streamline IT ticketing and processes.

But, historically, logging a ticket and actually solving the problem have been two separate things.  Not anymore.  Field Nation and ConnectWise have teamed to develop a seamless, bi-directional integrationbetween the ConnectWise ticketing system and the Field Nation work marketplace and work order management platform.  Businesses that use the ConnectWise system to capture real-time requests, issues and requirements, can now leverage the sophistication of the Field Nation work order management platform as well. The breadth of Field Nation’s international marketplace can be accessed to source IT professionals who can fix problems and perform service requests almost anywhere in the world.

The integration saves time, cuts down on errors and improves quality of service for organizations using both ConnectWise and Field Nation.

Field Nation developed the integration in-house in collaboration with ConnectWise to ensure that the experts who created the integration are available to maintain and update the integration as the ConnectWise API and Field Nation platform evolve.

Rather than entering ticket information in one system and then manually re-creating it in the work order system, the Field Nation – ConnectWise Integration automatically captures the information from its ticketing inception point and then automatically synchronizes the relevant work orders in Field Nation.  As expert service providers fulfill the work order, the tickets in ConnectWise are automatically updated with the latest related work order information.  ConnectWise Ticket Managers and administrators have a fully auditable ticket that includes automatically synchronized solution or remediation history.  Related ConnectWise and Field Nation users are optionally notified by email when status changes and jobs are completed.

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Field Nation and ConnectWise are pleased to provide this integrated service.  But don’t worry.  You’re not alone when it comes to set up and configuration.  We are happy to walk through the process with you to ensure that the system is quickly and correctly set up so you can start immediately gaining the speed, efficiency and integrated benefits of both systems.

Please take a look at the ConnectWise Integration documentation we have and then Head over to their company page.  Be sure to note that their big conference event, IT Nation is coming up soon where you can learn all about the benefits of the ConnectWise software family and all the integrations that are available!