Field Nation Updates Provider Quality Assurance Policy

10.14.2015, Written by Annie Wang

IMG_1270Field Nation has long prided itself on having the largest, most robust marketplace of top quality freelancers, service providers and independent contractors in the world. While the majority of providers who sign-up to find, conduct and complete work through the Field Nation marketplace are highly skilled and experienced experts, we strive to maintain the highest degree of professionalism so that all of our users can continue to get great work done. To better ensure our service providers uphold the values and quality of the Field Nation marketplace and encourage them to put their best foot forward with regards to client relations, we have updated our Provider Quality Assurance Policy.

Formerly known as the Provider Performance Event Management System, the Provider Quality Assurance Policy provides metrics that the Field Nation Quality Assurance Team use to measure all quality events as they relate to a work order. This policy outlines a variety of events that negatively affect the quality of a work order (e.g. no-call/no-show or late on-site) and provides subsequent measures that will be taken by the Quality Assurance Team to enforce a highly curated provider marketplace.

The policy has also been made more easily accessible for current and future providers, and is available to view on the Field Nation legal page.  If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact our Quality Assurance team via email:, or by phone at 877-573-4353, Ext. 1.