Field Service Collaboration

4.18.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Knowledge management firm Earley & Associates has a great post about how buyers and field service technicians can better collaborate to get work done. It’s a good article and well worth the full read.  But this part stood out to us:

Collaboration happens every day informally, for some formally. But, exploiting collaboration to gain optimal productivity and quality means you can systematically:

  • Capture innovation best practices from technicians as they happen
  • Validate tips and tricks and rapidly distribute them to the field
  • Improve the flow of information between the field, R&D, engineering, and product management
  • Use best-in-class search to provide a single integrated answer to questions across all sources of information
  • Provide distributors and VARs lightweight mobile access to the same integrated answers.

We call this systematic approach Closed-Loop Collaboration (CLC). (read the whole thing)

Creative Commons Attribution by Flickr user usdagov

We would add one point that is especially relevant when engaging with contract services and contingent a work force: the relationship is vital. 


Collaboration delivers exponentially greater benefits the longer it continues. As time goes on more tips and tricks are shared, information flows improve and communication channels get better. Empowering the relationship helps collaboration with the front line field services teams continue rather than being reinvented with each new contractor.