Freelancing in the UK Infographic

12.27.2013, Written by Annie Wang

The team over at Boox has produced a neat infographic (left) and detailed report (PDF LINK) on the state of freelancing in the UK.  The report is a great read with many parallels in regions such as North and South America.

For instance, on motivation for going freelance, the report finds that, “Being one’s own boss and more flexible working are what 34% and 31% of freelancers enjoy most about working for themselves.

The vast majority (58%) are independent and working alone for themselves while 23% are engaged in some form of limited company arrangement.

When combined with other global trends, such as the huge 12.4% annual growth rate of Managed Services that is on pace to hit $320 Billion in market value 2020 (cite) and the slowly recovering economy, the outlook for the future is bright indeed.

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