Give Yourself the Gift of Learning with Field Nation and

12.12.2013, Written by Annie Wang
Creative Commons, Attribution Flickr user Carrie Kellenberger I globetrotter I

When it comes to learning new platforms, technologies or skills most people resort to either costly programs or inconvenient solutions that disrupt the work day, your deliverables or worse; your personal time.

You need just in time training to be more competitive with leading skills. Your organization needs just in time training to be more competitive and hire contractors with best in class skills.

Field Nation has partnered with a deep online, video learning library with a low cost subscription model. Lynda has a large catalog of training videos and classes from Apple to Zend including over 200 Microsoft program training videos. The Field Nation community can try for free for the first 7 days by selecting a link on the Lynda partner page here on Field Nation.

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