How to Accelerate Retail Operations & Effectively Deliver Supply-Chain Management Using a Blended Workforce

1.13.2016, Written by Annie Wang

Accelerate retail operations and effectively deliver supply-chain management and execution with a blended workforce and Field Nation's freelance management solutionIn today’s world of highly distributed operations, retailers rely on effective supply-chain management and execution to successfully meet budget constraints, project timelines, and growth initiatives. Whether it is a domestic expansion or an international venture, retailers are constantly thinking about what’s next for them. Field Nation has helped businesses that operate in the retail industry manage the expansion and maintenance of their work on both a local and international scale and will be on-stage at the 2016 NRF “Retail’s Big Show” conference Tuesday, Jan.19 to discuss how retailers can grow their physical locations at scale.

The session, Activate and Accelerate – Stand Up Physical Stores Anywhere in the World with Scalable Infrastructure Recipes and Local Expertise,” will take place from 11-11:30am EST and will include guest speakers Ted Jackson, Sr. Director of Global Direct to Consumer from Under Armour, and Doug Lacy, President of Pivital Global. Field Nation CMO, Billy Cripe, will lead the presentation and discuss how Field Nation helped Pivital Global execute the international expansion of physical retail spaces for Under Armour by providing highly curated freelance talent and streamlining operations with Field Nation’s on-demand project management software.

“We are excited to present at NRF this week and help retailers understand how they and their partners can blend traditional and contingent workforces to accelerate new store stand-ups and grow their businesses,” said Billy Cripe, Chief Marketing Officer at Field Nation. “Our case study example highlights the benefits of using locally-sourced independent expertise to enable rapid, cost-effective expansion. Retail service partners will learn how they can win large RFPs with corporations, and retailers can trust in the visibility, accountability, and control that is provided by the Field Nation freelance management system.”

The panel will also include commentary from a spectrum of retailers regarding their experience executing scalable international rollouts, as well as maintaining their domestic operations, by tapping into the growing pool of contingent labor.

Last year, Field Nation had over $27 million of retail-related work conducted through its platform, with point of sale (POS), low-voltage cabling, networking, and kiosk work being the most highly sought-after skillsets. With partners of retail clients and independent contractors who offer these types of technical expertise utilizing the Field Nation marketplace to connect and conduct their work, the incorporation of freelance management systems (FMSs) as a component in the retail supply-chain will continue to grow.

To learn more and register for the NRF conference, go here.