IT Hot Topic Webinar – How to Deal with Mobile Malware

2.15.2016, Written by Annie Wang

How IT professionals can deal with mobile malware, spyware, and other maliciious programs.Join Field Nation this Wednesday, February 17th from 4 – 4:30pm CST to hear from the virtual training gurus at Borderless Learning as they discuss how IT professionals can deal with mobile malware.

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According to Robert Half Associates, the salaries for security professionals continues to increase by 6% each year – and it’s not just a computer than can get a virus anymore. As the consumption of data continues to grow, most consumers have learned the traditional “tricks of the trade” on avoiding malware attacks (like not opening emails from strangers or clicking on unrequested ads); but with more professionals utilizing their smartphones and tablets to access information, learning how to recognize hidden attacks on these mobile devices is becoming increasingly important.

We will also cover the various types of malware (like spyware, worms, and other programs), the ways in which devices can come under attack, and how to protect yourself and your technology from this damaging software.

All participants who attend the full session will receive $100 off the Borderless Learning On-Demand Cyber Security training program, which includes 181 courses, 481 books, and 275 videos on cloud and network security, defensive programming, mobile security, and more.

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