New Field Nation Task Manager Solves the Top Three Project Management Problems: Insight, Scheduling & Alerts

3.4.2014, Written by Annie Wang

According to CIO magazine and The Standish Group, managing an IT project is increasingly like juggling chunks of Jell-O: It’s neither easy nor pretty. All projects are getting harder according to the data. Two key factors they cite for why projects fail are:

•Projects fail at the beginning, not the end, due to insufficient planning and visibility

•Projects fail due to unwieldy and poorly defined scope.


The solution is to provide better real-time visibility and to break down larger goals into deliverable tasks.
Field Nation has transformed the way online marketplaces deliver on-site work. Throughout the coming weeks, Field Nation is releasing a host of new features all designed to make it easier and faster to get work done.

Field Nation Dramatically Improves The Way Work Gets Done


Field Nation’s new Work Order Tasks are a simple solution that deliver deep sophistication. Tasks now appear on all work orders and provide game-changing visibility into everything from real-time parts shipping status to specific on-site procedures like signature sheet capture and stake holder notification. Tasks break down complex scope definitions into manageable, easily accomplished chunks that can be scheduled, sequenced and assigned with drag-and-drop simplicity.


Field Nation Makes It Easy To Get Work Done With New Work Order Tasks

Integrated notifications mean that stakeholders are automatically alerted when tasks are completed or when tasks remain incomplete. At-a-glance status coloring lets project managers, dispatchers and task owners see exactly what’s done and what is still to come.


Field Nation Integrates With UPS and FedEx for Real Time Shipping Insigh

Real time shipping integration with UPS and FedEx mean that service technicians can show up when the parts have arrived and service buyers can approve successful jobs with confidence that replacement parts are in-transit from a trusted delivery service.  All together it means that Field Nation is where you go to get work done.


To learn more about how you can get started with Field Nation’s smarter work flow management, check out the detailed help documentation, or, better yet, get started and create a work order to see it working today.