New Field Nation Work Order Status and Progress Bars Solve Common Project Problems

3.19.2014, Written by Annie Wang

When it comes to an IT project, staying on time and on budget is the number one priority, even though it can seem like more of a dream than an achievable goal. According to a recent survey three common project problems are:


  • Lack of regular communication
  • Lack of accurate visibility into scope and change in projects
  • Not having a system in place for viewing, approving and tracking changes


The solution to these mistakes is to enable conversations between the person giving the work (service buyer) and the person doing the work (service provider) to keep everyone on the same page. Ensuring clarity on scope, progress and status allows everyone to stay updated while enabling informed decisions as projects, needs and environment change.


Field Nation’s new Work Order Status and Progress Bars are a simple solution that shows how work is getting done. Status and Progress bars now appear on all work orders and provide game-changing visibility into the status, progress, and future expectations of a job while enabling a conversation between all stakeholders.

The Status Bar provides real-time updates that track the progress of a work order through it’s normal stages.  Next-action prompts are displayed so all stakeholders are aware of what’s coming up.  

Automatic alerts notify both the buyer and provider when a change has been made to a work order. Clarifying and approving a change is now required which improves visibility and prevents confusion.
Alerts are also color-coded on the work order dashboard which provides at-a-glance awareness of which jobs have changed and why. The dashboard can also be used to organize multiple work orders by status so all of a users’ work is easily managed in one place.

Work Order Status and Progress Bars tackle the most common project management mistakes and is just one of many ways Field Nation is getting work done.

To learn more about how you can get started with Field Nation’s optimized workflow management system, check out the detailed help documents here, here, and here. Or see for yourself how Work Order Status and Progress Bars help you get work done today.