New Ratings Snapshots Going Live For Private Viewing

11.19.2014, Written by Adam Patton

Last month we announced our new rating system for both businesses and freelance providers who use Field Nation to get work done (see earlier announcement here). Since then the data has been pouring in. Compliments and accolades are more detailed. Issues, when they arise are able to be resolved more quickly due to better transparency.

Freelancer Ratings Snapshot
Provider Snapshot

As we mentioned last month the new ratings are being rolled out in 3 phases. Phase 1 is complete (change to the new comprehensive ratings format). We are now ready for phase 2: your private rating snapshot.

Private rating snapshots are now being rolled out. These allow you to see a more detailed view of your ratings. Service buyers and service providers alike will see their own private snapshots on the right hand side of their user or company profile page.

Providers will see their own snapshot similar to the one depicted. In addition to the familiar stars rating, four other areas of data feedback are displayed. This gives the individual a detailed view of performance areas in which the buyer community is most interested.

Buyers, too, will see a private ratings snapshot that depicts their ratings by the providers with whom they engage. Buyers will see how providers rate their experience with the company in terms of clearly documented expectations, the professionalism providers experience from buyer project managers and dispatchers and overall satisfaction. Buyers will also see a graph of their aggregate rolling approval timelines for completed work.

Field Nation Buyer Ratings Snapshot
Buyer Snapshot

It is important to know that Field Nation respects and protects both the buyer and provider in the work relationship. For this reason, all ratings are double-blind for 7 days after the work has been either approved or cancelled. Ratings are also locked from being decreased after this time. They can go up to reflect a positive outcome but they cannot be decreased. This prevents ratings retaliation and keeps the process honest and transparent.

Phase 3 is coming in early 2015. Phase 3 is when Field Nation will make the rating snapshots visible to all users. Both buyer and provider snapshots will be visible to all. Right now we are still gathering data. Both buyers and providers should take this time to review their rating snapshots and identify areas for highlighting as well as improvement.

The new ratings and snapshots are designed to deliver transparency and expectation. Together we are changing the way people get work done.