Field Nation Launches New Mobile App for the Mobile Workforce

2.2.2015, Written by fieldnation

MyWOsAs the way we work continues to undergo a tectonic shift from a traditional, W2-based workforce to an increasingly independent marketplace, more professionals are finding themselves conducting and completing their business on-the-go. As a leading Freelancer Management Systems provider, Field Nation specializes in connecting businesses with independent contractors and is pleased to announce the release of a new Android mobile app that will enable the mobile workforce to manage their work from anywhere in the world.


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The app empowers service providers and buyers to connect with existing clients, stay engaged with current work, and find new opportunities right from their phone, all while augmenting the full power of the website in a native mobile application.


Service providers will enjoy a highly optimized user interface which delivers immediate access to assignments and tasks, while the marketplace search functionality yields the rapid response of new prospects. Real-time access to critical project data, signature capture and document upload features streamline delivery and offer in-context visibility into the details of a job.


Businesses and service buyers will benefit from increased transparency of their Field Nation work orders, as well as faster fulfillment rates on new projects they initiate on the platform. The Android app not only significantly speeds up the responsiveness of field team members, but also boasts instant mobile reporting tools and immediate access to the data needed to complete work anywhere, anytime.


“The new Field Nation app is faster and easier to navigate, from work order acceptance to completion and payment,” says Travis Emslander, Chief Technology Officer of Field Nation. “Now service providers can perform work order tasks in the field as they are completed and respond to new work order opportunities in a timely way. Plus, organizations gain real-time visibility and faster response rates to existing and new work orders. It’s a win-win for providers and businesses using the Field Nation platform.”


“I’m thoroughly excited to finally have a Field Nation mobile app – it makes it much easier to read work orders and project documentation, as well as organize the requirements for close out,” says Jesse, a Nevada-based Field Nation service provider. “It saves me the hassle of having multiple tabs open from using a web link to access the site on my phone. The mobile app design is very pleasing to the eye, and I look forward to using it immediately for my day-to-day work. With the continuous improvements [Field Nation] has planned, I expect that it will only become more useful for both us as providers, as well as the buyers.”


The new Field Nation mobile app is available for download at the Google Play Store.