Study Finds That 86% of Freelancers Chose to Freelance

6.14.2016, Written by fieldnation

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Study finds that 86% of freelancers chose to freelance


The Latest Study From Field Nation Finds That Freelancing is a Regular Source of Income for a Majority of Freelancers

MINNEAPOLIS – June 14, 2016 – Field Nation, the leading marketplace platform for contingent and on-demand workforce management, today released a study titled “The 2016 Field Nation Freelancer Study.” The report, a survey of 863 Field Nation users, uncovered reasons why freelancers chose to freelance.

The Field Nation freelancer study found that 86% of freelancers intentionally opted to freelance, and 95% of freelancers have a positive view of what they do on a daily basis. Upon closer examination, the study revealed that many freelancers chose to freelance because of factors that enable career autonomy, like flexible hours, the freedom to choose work, and the ability to control their destiny.

Additionally, the study found that 94% of freelancers surveyed consider their contract work to be a regular, reliable part of their household income, which is complimentary to another finding which revealed that 72% of freelancers are making the same or more than they did before when they were traditionally employed.

Findings from “The 2016 Field Nation Freelancer Study” support and parallel the results of a recent study from Field Nation and Future Workplace titled “The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy.” Both studies show that the enablement of autonomy encourages increased job engagement, work effectiveness, and an overwhelming commitment to success. “The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy” study found that one of the primary drivers of freelancer autonomy and empowerment was the Affordable Care Act and the decoupling of benefits from traditional employment.

“The 2016 Field Nation Freelancer Study” is accessible through Field Nation’s website.


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