Social Networking, Connectivity and Control with Field Nation

5.16.2014, Written by Annie Wang

Social NetworksBack when the concept of Field Nation was only an idea, the company’s founder knew he wanted to create a business that could not only connect service buyers and providers by means on a cloud-based platform, but also facilitate these relationships so more people could get work done. Several years later, this is exactly why so many industry professionals are using the Field Nation system – to connect with skilled contractors and optimize a streamlined work experience to complete work and nurture relationships.


With the growing pervasiveness of social media in today’s workplace, the hyperconnectivity of workers has increased, thus blurring the lines between home and office. Many argue that being constantly “plugged-in” has changed the workplace environment for the better; some studies show that the key to employee success lies in the sharing of information amongst peers, much of which occurs during online interactions. These types of connections support the foundation of online relationships and communities where users can formulate informed social, economic and political decisions. A 2012 Harvard Business Review Article also states that employees who exchange industry intelligence with colleagues perform significantly better and are more committed and happy with their jobs. On the other hand, however, some employees are finding it increasingly difficult to disconnect during “off-time” and studies have revealed that the 24/7 workplace of today has been linked to rising levels of work-related stress and burnout.


Image 1Field Nation has long encouraged its users to connect with one another via platform forums and social groups, as well as interact directly with the brand through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. After many years of working with our service buyers and providers, however, Field Nation also understands the importance of giving members the ability to determine the level of interaction they wish to have with the platform as well as with one another.


New WorkSmart Workflow features like tasks and alerts can be configured to send service companies email notifications when certain steps have been completed on a work order. Service buyers can also adjust their notifications to alert them if a provider has requested, canceled, or completed a work order, in addition to a number of other preferences. To do this, log into your Field Nation account and click on Settings in the top right-hand corner.


Image 2Select Notification Settings and configure the various options available under Work Related Notification. Since Field Nation updates its users with alerts via text message and email, the channel and frequency with which these are sent out can be adjusted to suit anyone’s needs. Almost all your account notifications will be preconfigured to immediately send an email and never send a text message. Using the simple drop-down tab, there are several options to choose from – text messages can be sent immediately, never, or only during business hours, while emails can be sent immediately, never, hourly, daily, or weekly.
Service providers who are actively involved in the platform’s social groups can also configure their notification settings to receive an alert when any update or comment is posted to a forum. These options can be found on the same page, under Social Notification.
Image 3Empowering Field Nation users to get as much out of the system as possible by providing them with the ability to control their user experience ties into the original plan set forth for the company. By establishing a platform where skilled professionals can connect with other like-minded individuals and get great work done, this founding idea has come to fruition.