Staffing Via The Cloud: A New Normal

3.13.2013, Written by Andrew Kandels
Field Nation Hires in the Cloud
Creative Commons Attribution by Flickr User jvh33

As cloud-based services expand in popularity and effectiveness, organizations are quickly adapting to a new era of business management tools that are always on, always updated/upgraded and cost-efficient. Yes, cloud computing is here to stay. And as business use of the cloud evolves, we can expect many new approaches to the tried and true methods of doing business.

 For example, one cloud-based trend is especially designed to help human resource leaders more efficiently find top talent. The cloud is changing how organizations recruit, hire, manage, and develop their employees. Last year SAP and Oracle purchased cloud-based HR services firms SuccessFactors and Taleo, respectively. While large organizations might hesitate to put their financials on the cloud, they place high value on using available tools to streamline other functions – like talent acquisition and people management.
Businesses already know that cloud-based services can help them reduce operating costs. It’s no wonder, then, that talent acquisition managers want the cloud to find the best people for their growing organizations. And talented workers are using their Google+ and LinkedIn accounts to find their next career opportunity.
With Taleo, Oracle finds itself with cloud-based tools baked in to Taleo software, allowing the software giant to offer customers a full range of cloud solutions – from  human resources and talent management to social networking and sales force automation. It boils down to serving up what the customer wants. With these tools optimized for mobile and tablet use, talent acquisition experts can increase their effectiveness as they identify and interface with potential employees anytime, anywhere.
One HR executive at a major U.S. retailer tells me it’s critical for recruiters to stay in front of these leading edge technologies. “The key is creating effective talent communities – where our recruiters can invite potential employees to gather, learn about our business, evaluate skill sets, and determine if they’re ready to take the next step.” takes the cloud contractor recruiting and contractor management experience one step further. Within minutes, businesses can identify talented contractors and specialized workers from Field Nation’s Service Marketplace throughout the United States and Canada. And, they can read the performance ratings and feedback these individuals have obtained – good and bad – to help assess who is best for a particular role.
It’s cloud-based service marketplace and management system on steroids and we’re excited about expanding the opportunities Field Nation users have access to each day.
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