Success with Tasks and the Power of WorkSmart Workflow

5.28.2014, Written by Annie Wang

Success with Field Nation TasksWhen we unveiled WorkSmart Workflow last month, we knew that we were giving Field Nation users an integrated tool that solved the most common project management problems and streamlined their work process. What we didn’t know was just how successful the technology would be and the positive response we’d garner from both the Field Nation platform and the industry. Even though the innovation behind WorkSmart Workflow is derived from several features, like automatic alerts and status and progress bars, there is one feature that has substantially outperformed the others with regards to helping users achieve success and get work done – tasks.


Nearly half of all Field Nation work orders have now adopted tasks and data shows that work is getting done faster and better than ever before. Allowing for the definition of required steps, sequences and deadlines for a job, task-enabled work orders have contributed to empirically faster approval and request times of 62% and 65%, respectively. There has also been a 32% boost in work quality, meaning that service buyers are spending less time approving and inspecting jobs and are able to more rapidly manage their workforce and complete work. Quicker approval velocity also means that more work is getting done with less effort and overhead, and even though Field Nation already processes payments to service providers twice a week, task-enabled work orders have substantially increased the speed with which they get paid.


This added level of visibility and usability to the workflow across various stages of the work order life cycle has contributed to a decrease in confusion about what tools or requirements are necessary before or during check-in so that providers can show up on-site fully prepared. Tasks also provide real-time clarity into the scope of a work order, thus ensuring that larger projects can be broken down into manageable steps and that all deliverables are completed.


Tasks and Field Nation’s WorkSmart Workflow are bringing people together to help them get work done faster and better than ever before. See how simple it is to create, control and complete your work, your way, with tasks by downloading this infographic. To see how you can easily set up successful project management from the start using WorkSmart Workflow, click here.