The Best Field Service Solutions Put Customers At The Center

2.24.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Creative Commons: Attribution by flickr user  KlukovkinPhotography

Field Service News out of the UK has a fantastic review of a conversation about what makes field service solutions stand out. They write,


“Aberdeen Analyst Aly Pinder… asserts that best in-class businesses are united in putting the customer at the center of their field service operations. Whilst field service has always been an undertaking with the customer at its center, across the industry globally we are currently seeing a renewed focus on improving the customer experience. Simultaneously, field service technologies become more and more refined enabling vast improvements in managing and monitoring how service is delivered. Furthermore, communicating these improvements to the customer base is another factor in building a reputation for such service excellence. In Pinder’s words, ‘ Providing better customer reporting is essential and it is important to relay the data that you’re collecting back to the customer, allowing them to effectively be an advocate and partner of your business.”


The article also highlights how promoting all the skills of platform technicians helps both service buyers and service providers get the most from their project and their relationship.


Read the whole thing here.