The Disruptive Trend that Could Make You More Money

4.30.2014, Written by Annie Wang

Know Your Audience InfographicKnowing your audience is commonly considered the starting point for all communication – you cannot successfully market your company if your message falls on deaf ears. In an increasingly digital landscape, it is only natural that one of the greatest insights a company can have into what makes their audience tick is to look at the social media and mobile use of that group.


Pew Research and Nielsen recently conducted research to find out the largest “disruptive trends” of these technological channels, and discovered, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the main differentiation factor was gender. Variations in the use of social media and mobile devices were also found to centralize on three main areas: personal and professional relationships; information and entertainment; and consumer behavior.


According to this research, if a company has a demographic or target demographic of mostly women, then advertising a deal on your Facebook page might be a productive idea, since 71% of women on Facebook are willing to “like” a brand for deals as opposed to only 18% of men.


Click on the infographic to see a visual compilation of this data and learn how you can market to your audience more effectively.