The Field Service Dilemma

4.15.2016, Written by Annie Wang

The variable workforce model. An optimal solution for dealing with field service uncertainties.

Effectively managing the peaks and valleys in field service demand is one of the greatest challenges facing managers and executives across a broad array of market segments (e.g., IT, telecom, medical, etc.) within the high-tech service industry. The introduction of the freelance model, however, has granted service providers the ability to manage their field service delivery using what is known as the “variable workforce model.” This model incorporates field service engineers into pre-existing workforces that are comprised of full-time organizational staff members; and for organizations that support and maintain large sets of geographically dispersed technology and environments (like ATM machines in retail locations, Wi-Fi access points in coffee shops, or IoT-enabled technologies), the ideal method for obtaining this type of labor is through a “sharing economy model.”

This model is made up of an Internet platform that is provided by a third-party technology vendor that companies use to recruit, onboard, train, dispatch, manage, and pay individual contractors. With substantial cost savings and improvements in service quality and productivity, the sharing economy model is an optimal solution for organizations looking to obtain access to a variable workforce. Additionally, the ability to scale field service work up and down according to demand and providing access to new methods of utilization are other major benefits of these types of platforms. But what are the characteristics of an optimal platform and how can a business measure the benefits of one to ensure success and quality? We cover this and more in our whitepaper,The Variable Workforce Model: An Optimal Solution for Dealing with Field Service Uncertainties,” which is available for download.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can effectively manage your own field service network or convert the short-term fixed cost of your full-time workforce into a variable expense, feel free to connect with us at this month’s Field Service USA.