The New Face of the American Workforce: Webinar

11.6.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Image is Creative Commons, Attribution Flickr User: rich701
Creative Commons, Attribution Flickr User: rich701

Join Field Nation for an in-depth look at the new face of the American workforce on November 11!

The world of work as we know it is changing. Since the global recession in 2009, America’s workforce has seen a dramatic shift away from the traditional, monolithic corporation and towards an independent marketplace. With studies predicting that 40% of Americans will be freelancers by 2020, and research stating that the independent worker is more engaged and better able to deliver results, products, and services, organizations are looking for ways to utilize this new resource.

As a leader in the contingent marketplace, Field Nation has studied the new face of the American workforce and how business leaders and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this shift to grow their business and deliver the highest quality results. Join us on Tuesday, November 11, from 4-5pm CST, for a comprehensive overview of the changing dynamic in today’s marketplace and what this means for your business and how you get work done.

Attendees will hear from Field Nation Chief Marketing Officer, Billy Cripe, as he discusses the three areas that have combined to form the nexus of this new workforce, including:

  1. The Shift away from traditional employment and towards contract expertise
  2. The Disruption of work as know it
  3. The Newly Engaged Workforce

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