The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy

6.24.2016, Written by Nora Hartman

Rise of the blendedEarlier this year, Field Nation released a study titled “The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy”, which describes the increased usage of freelancers in the workforce- and clarifies why the movement is gaining momentum in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other macro forces. The study demonstrates why freelancers prefer to remain independent so that they can maintain the self-sufficiency they desire in both their personal and professional lives. Between October and November of 2015, 600 HR decision makers and 959 freelancers contributed to this research.
“The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy” identifies three characteristics of the ongoing shift in favor of the blended workforce. Furthermore, the study outlines the key skills that businesses said made freelancers effective. By reviewing the soft skills most pursued by businesses, freelancers may become better equipped to improve upon the skillsets they feel need improvement. The whitepaper additionally highlights key demographics of the contingent workforce, including years of experience. Freelancers can utilize this data to determine how they compare to the average contingent worker, and leverage any credentials they have determined to be above-average. All in all, this research indicates that freelancing has a promising future. Both freelancers and the businesses that utilize their skills can benefit tremendously by taking the initiative to better understanding the macro forces affecting the rise of the blended workforce.

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