Top 10 Characteristics of a Successful Field (Nation) Technician

8.5.2014, Written by Annie Wang

The contingent workforce is expected to grow 40%, or 64.9 million by 2020, and industry analysts are predicting that at least half of all Americans will serve as an independent worker at some point in their career during this time. As more companies look to hire contingent workers instead of traditional, full-time employees, independent workers will need to set themselves apart to ensure the success and growth of their business. But what exactly does that entail?


Field Nation has a long list of freelancers who not only complete the work they are hired to do, but go one step further and actually exceed the client’s expectations. We decided to see if there were any commonalities among these contractors, and as we predicted, there were.
Check out our subsequent list of the top 10 characteristics that define a successful Field (Nation) Technician and see how you can get great work done today and win repeat business as a result.