Top 10 Cities Where People Work From Home

4.7.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Creative Commons Attribution by Flickr User  Psychlist1972
Freelancers and field engineers enjoy a high degree of autonomy.  One of the perks of being an independent contractor is the ability to sometimes work from home.  Sure, clients require being on-site for implementations, fixes and upgrades. But at the end of the day, the home office is often where your company is head-quartered.


No. 1: Jacksonville, NC – 13.8%
No. 2. Johns Creek, GA – 13.1%
No. 3: Boulder, CO – 11.6%
No. 4: Encinitas, CA – 10.7%
No. 5 (tie): Berkeley, CA – 10.6%
No. 5 (tie): Alpharetta, GA -10.6%
No. 5 (tie): Santa Monica, CA -10.6%
No. 8: Frisco, TX – 10.2%
No. 9 (tie): San Clemente, CA – 10.1%
No. 9 (tie): Columbus, GA – 10.1%
See the full article here on NewGeography for the full list as well as a breakdown of how people get to work: drive alone, carpool, transit, bike etc.