Top 5 Reasons To Study Computer Networking – CSI Guest Blog

1.30.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Creative Commons Attribution image via Flickr user 2Top: 
Our partner Computer Systems Institute  – CSI for short – has developed this great list of the top 5 reasons to study computer networking. Take a look: 
Here are five reasons why choosing a career in computer information and networking can pay off:
1.     Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: No matter how well you have been educated, if you enter a field with few readily available positions, finding a job can be impossible. Networking is a booming business since nearly every industry now relies on computers and technology.
2.     Opportunities in Many Industries: Rather than being stuck in a niche career, networking experts can apply to work for any company that needs IT professionals. The specifics may vary with the job, but you will have a foundation of skills that are easily transferable to organizations in any industry. 
3.     Job Security: Networking is basically a consumable service…