Uncovering the New Face of the American Workforce: Part 11 of 12

2.4.2015, Written by Annie Wang

Image to UseThe world of work is changing. The new face of the American workforce and an increasing portion of the international workforce is more independent, engaged and better able to deliver results, services, and products than the traditional monolithic corporation.


To get a better understanding of this shift, Field Nation conducted a comprehensive analysis of the three areas that have combined to form the nexus of this new reality of work: the shift away from traditional employment and towards contract expertise, the disruption of work as we used to know it, and the newly engaged workforce.


Recently, we discussed “Independents are Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners” as the third of five key insights which emerged from a study conducted by Field Nation of the contractors who had registered for free on its platform. The study measured engagement and complementary factors, such as how independent service providers view themselves. The results showed that the majority of independents see themselves in a way that blends autonomy and competence, with the majority self-identifying as entrepreneurs and small business owners and the large minority responding to independent contractors. This proves the reality that this segment is both capable and competent enough to blaze their own trail in the new economy of self-determinism.



Chapter Three: The New Engaged Workforce

Finding Four: Independent Contractors are Committed to their Client’s and their Own Success

The fourth finding demonstrates the incredibly high degree of relatedness that the independent contracting community has. This is found in the dual commitments they hold to both their own business and to their customer’s businesses. Respondents to the Field Nation study indicated that they were committed to the success of their own business by a factor of 9 to 1. When compared against the percentage of independents who chose the lifestyle versus those who were forced into it due to circumstance, we find that even those who did not opt for the freelance career path, some nonetheless develop an appetite and commitment to their own success. This suggests that, regardless of how they start contracting, once they experience it, they desire and work towards excellence.




When asked about their commitment to their customer’s success, the results were even stronger. In fact, over 93% indicated an abiding commitment to the success of their customer. This means that they are able to both relate to the needs of their customers and clients while doing what it takes to achieve success. In the world of on-site contracting work that Field Nation specializes in, success requires engaging with other people. From greeting the customer at their front desk when the contractor shows up, to communicating in person with the customer’s on-site staff, to engaging electronically through the Field Nation platform, the ability to communicate, understand and relate project details, customer expectations and on-site peculiarities demands a level of relatedness not seen in other remote-workforce applications.



Coming Up: We wrap up our weekly blog series on the New Face of the American Workforce by revealing the fifth and final insight provided by Field Nation’s study on independent contractors which proves the majority are overwhelmingly satisfied with their work. This highlights that the independent contracting workforce present on Field Nation is arguable the most engaged workforce in the world.