Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Field Nation

4.30.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Image is Creative Commons, Attribution Flickr User Travis Isaacs 

Do you love jumping over rows of open, blazing fire? How about scaling a 15-foot wall with only a tiny, knotted rope to assist you? Or wading through a pit of questionably thick mud as barbed wire hangs threateningly overhead? Really? So do we!


That’s why Field Nation is excited to announce our participation in the 2014 Warrior Dash. Held on July 12 in the backcountry of Hastings, MN, the Dash is the world’s largest obstacle race and covers over 3 miles of rugged terrain and 13 obstacles. Free beer, great music and rockin’ live music will be waiting for competitors at the finish line in summer’s biggest blowout.


We are also extending an invitation to local providers who want to come and compete as part of Team Field Nation. In addition to official team apparel, members who register before May 31 will have their sign-up fee waived and will be featured on our blog, monthly video, and company newsletter. Sign-ups will be accepted until the transfer deadline of July 10, but registrants will have to cover their own entry fee.


If all this talk of fire, mud and grueling competition has you a little nervous, don’t worry – members can still register and show up to cheer and support the team, as well as receive their free gear and join the after-party festivities anyways!


Come join us for a good time as we show the world why Field Nation is the best place to get work done.


Register NOW.