Upcoming Webinar: IT Hot Topic – Subnetting

7.14.2015, Written by Annie Wang

DeathtoStock_Medium6Free training session from Field Nation and Compass Business Solutions

Understanding subnetting is a key capability for every IT professional, and one that makes a huge impact in every IP network.  Properly implemented subnets enable you to help your customers:

·  Reduce network traffic and improve network performance

·  Restrict broadcast traffic on their network

·  Simplify network management by delegating control of subnets to other administrators

·  Simplify network troubleshooting

Join us on Wednesday July 22nd at 4pm CT for a 30 minute webinar on subnetting.

IT certifications are table stakes for landing contract and permanent employment.  72 percent of employers use IT certifications as a requirement for certain job roles.  The Cisco CCNP Route & Switch certification remains in the top 10 highest paid certifications.  CCNA and CCNP Route & Switch extensively cover IP subnets.

Compass Business Solutions offers Training-as-a-Service to help people achieve and maintain certifications that are necessary to win and perform work.  The Training-as-a-Service Program removes the travel burden from students through live virtual delivery of instruction and on-demand lab access, and eases the time commitment through this blended learning approach.  It also provides mentoring for students so they can continue to get questions answered throughout their subscription term.  This gives students an advantage in the ability to maintain current knowledge with extended hands-on access to lab equipment through an affordable learning program.

Check out the Field Nation and Compass Business Solutions partnership at https://app.fieldnation.com/compass, and register for this training session by clicking here.