WorkSmart Innovation – New Platform Enhancements

4.28.2014, Written by Andrew Kandels

Innovation continues apace here at Field Nation.
Several new enhancements went live this weekend. Here are the highlights:

WorkSmart Workflow has several new features that help optimize execution and tracking.

Intelligent Tasking Enhancements For All: When editing tasks, only those tasks that are relevant for the intended user are displayed. Providers see items they have to complete while buyers can easily divide and conquer the creation, management, approval & updating of tasks.

Buyer Enhancement: Shipment tracking now includes an automatic alert for late parts. This now lets site technicians know when items may not be ready for work due to shipping delays.  It means you and they both spend less time waiting and more time getting work done.

Provider Enhancement: Similarly, work order alerts appear in more places making it easier to see at-a-glance status. Any alert – from late parts to scope change appear in the list view and mobile view of a technician’s assigned work orders.

Buyer Enhancement: Additional time zones have been added to reflect more places where people are using Field Nation to get work done.  If you don’t see the time zone you need, let us know!

Buyer Enhancement: Location search is now enabled for work orders so users can see all their work orders and projects by location.

Provider Enhancement: Check in now kicks off time logging. This helps ensure that actual time on site is accurately captured. If connectivity is a challenge at the job site, don’t worry, check in has timing flexibility built in.

WorkSmart Messaging: One key value of the Field Nation platform is connecting users to get work done. One important way people connect on the platform is through the built in messaging and chat feature. In order to keep the quality of engagement high and to help prevent spam, we’ve limited the ability to message strangers (i.e. people with whom you’re not connected). Once a user has successfully completed 3 marketplace work orders, the ability to direct message others without a pre-existing connection is enabled.  Similarly, connection requests are throttled if a user accumulates 3 denied connections in a 30 day period.

In all our goal is to make it easier to Get Work and to Get Work Done.

Check out the new features and let us know what you think.