Get More Work Done With New Field Nation WorkSmart Workflow Technology

4.10.2014, Written by Annie Wang
Image is Creative Commons, Attribution Flickr User tec_estromberg

Since its inception in 2008, Field Nation has set a goal of bringing people together to accomplish great work. Together we were able to get work done wherever it was needed.


Now, times are changing. You have told us that project management lies at the core of your company. You told us that you need a platform that provides you with the tools necessary to find and build relationships with the experts people who help get the work done. You told us that the key to delivering success is the combination of expertise matching with streamlined project management.


This is why Field Nation is excited to announce our new WorkSmart Workflow technology that draws from the latest business intelligence and helps users to create, control, and complete their work.


All Field Nation work orders are now powered by our WorkSmart Workflow technology including tasks, required deliverables, status and progress bars, and shipment tracking that all work together to bring unprecedented levels of awareness, granularity and control to your projects. Field Nation WorkSmart Workflow addresses the main reasons why projects fail and offers a complete solution to common project management problems.


Tasks on work orders allow users to sufficiently plan and define the scope of their work by providing real-time visibility and allowing for larger goals to be broken down into manageable steps. These tasks can be scheduled, sequenced and assigned with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Automatic notifications alert stakeholders when tasks are completed or face trouble. Color-coding makes at-a-glance reporting for large projects a snap. Integrated UPS and FedEx shipping tracking protects the importance of time and places crucial items in the hands of a trusted delivery service.


Work order status and progress bars help stakeholders stay on time and on budget by showing how work gets done. Automatic alerts notify both the buyer and provider when a change has been made to a work order, such as the rearrangement, addition or deletion of a task. Clarification for any change is required so both parties know what stage a work order is in and why. This enhanced level of awareness and understanding encourages communication between stakeholders and ensures everyone is on the same page.


Required deliverables enhance the timeliness and efficiency with which a work order is completed by guaranteeing that each step is fulfilled. Deliverables that are marked as required must be completed before a work order can be closed out and payment is made. Most commonly, documents, images, or signatures are required for submission and assigning these as a required deliverable prevents missed steps and incomplete work orders. By providing clarity into the expectations of a job, service providers can save time, tighten SLAs and reduce their workload.


WorkSmart Workflow is how Field Nation is combining our platform features into systems of engagement that help you get work done. Start using it today or sign-up for an introductory webinar on May 1st at 4pm CDT to learn more about how to use WorkSmart Workflow and see why Field Nation is the place people are going to get more work done.