How IT Training Boosts Careers Around The World – CompTIA Guest Blog

2.10.2014, Written by fieldnation
Image is Creative Commons Attribution by Flickr user ScottieT812

It is well known that IT training and certification is a great stepping stone to increased business demand.  But, as this guest blog by our partner CompTIA shows, IT Training can lead to so much more.  Be inspired:


Certifications often help people grow their careers, but for Lamia Al-Azzawe, IT training went beyond this. It helped her pivot from an uncertain future in her home country to a world of job opportunities.
As a student in Iraq in the late 1970s, Al-Azzawe excelled in math and science. When she finished high school, she sailed through a computer science degree and spent nearly a decade as a programmer and analyst for the Iraqi government.
In the late 1990s, when Iraq’s economy started to free fall, she and her husband scouted their options. They moved first to Libya — the only country to accept them without a visa — where she worked as a computer instructor until 2005, when her application for a Canadian emigration visa finally came through.
That’s when Al-Azzawe’s IT career began in earnest. … [at Acrodex and working for the city of Calgary], she earned CompTIA Server+ and Lenovo hardware certificates for servers, desktops, laptops and tablets. Most recently, she earned HP ProLiant and Blade hardware server certifications.
Certifications have propelled her career since her days as a programmer. “Now I have to have lots of general knowledge about different languages, different operating systems, artificial intelligence and computer structures,” she said.

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