Our Approach to Service

8.22.2014, Written by Andrew Kandels

For us, service is more than an idea, its the way the company was built.

  • We facilitate relationships
    • We start by making smart connections through common ground, matching the right individuals to the right jobs.
    • We’re there when things break down, stepping in to mediate, reconnect or rematch where necessary.
    • We believe in supporting your business goals and helping you achieve more and carve out new ways to work.
  • We support all involved
    • We get service providers jobs, stay on-board to see them through and make sure payment is delivered on time.
    • We help companies grow by connecting them to our trusted global marketplace.
    • We support project managers, simplifying the process and accelerating completion.
    • We work within the parameters of the project to make sure they stay on-budget and on-time.
  • We are hands-on
    • We’re more than a software company, we’re a supporting partner.
    • We give our attention throughout the entire process; troubleshooting and helping things along.
    • We’re always evolving the product to eliminate barriers and weak points in the process and deliver results that exceed expectations.