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Scaling Up to Meet Demand

How Tech Data realized 50% growth with Field Nation.

The Background

Tech Data’s mission is to provide data center services that enable their customers to maximize their technology investments. Their business requires a flexible workforce that can grow and shrink with their clients’ needs.

Tech Data started out with one dispatcher and a few W2 workers in different locations. As Tech Data continued to grow, they realized a need for a field service solution that could easily scale with them.

“The system we used was so old that we could only have one person using it. We were expanding, but our system struggled to expand with us because we couldn’t train people on the platform, it was that difficult,” said Donald Reblitz, VP of Operations at Tech Data.

With a growing business needing more contingent workers, Tech Data decided to search for the right tool.

The Change

Tech Data searched for a new platform offering ease of use, scalability, and customer service. Eventually, they chose Field Nation, the leading Field Service Marketplace.

“Once we found Field Nation we realized how easy it would be to onboard new dispatchers – we finally found the right tool to help us scale up,” said Reblitz. Field Nation’s ease of use allowed Tech Data to bring on more dispatchers, “We could take on more projects every day,” said Reblitz.

Before Field Nation, Tech Data leveraged W2 employees located in select markets across the country. “Our business is primarily IT projects in specific geographies,” said Reblitz, so rather than expanding our W2 workforce, we used Field Nation to scale throughout the US with contract technicians.”

And, “the customer service is outstanding,” said Reblitz, “we rely on Field Nation every day, and the staff is always available to help.”

The Business Today

Tech Data has been able to dramatically expand their operations with the help of Field Nation. “We realized a 50% growth since we switched to Field Nation,” said Reblitz. “Today we have twelve dispatchers instead of one,” said Reblitz, “and we have around 400 technicians on Field Nation that make up 75% of all the work that we do.”

“Field Nation allows us to be anywhere in the US at the push of a button.”

Most importantly, Tech Data has been able to scale geographically without adding additional W2 resources, saving tens of thousands of dollars a year in overhead.

“Field Nation allows us to be anywhere in the US at the push of a button. We have access to enough technicians to the point that we can go to market saying we can serve every zip code in the country,” said Reblitz.