Worldlink Integration Group

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Worldlink Integration Group, Inc. started out using multiple systems until they found Field Nation. Today, operations are streamlined so they can focus on growing year-over-year.

Worldlink Integration Group is a national provider of technology deployment services, with offices located across the United States. They specialize in retail technology deployment.


In the beginning, Worldlink was bogged down by manual processes that required employees to re-enter data across systems and switch programs to accomplish simple tasks. With accounting in Quickbooks, project schedules in Excel, and site deliverables communicated via email, the overall process was cumbersome and time-consuming. With every in-house coordinator managing hundreds of locations per month through disjointed systems, operations became inefficient and time-consuming.

Choosing One Software

Worldlink was an early-stage adopter of Field Nation, and originally used Field Solutions which Field Nation acquired in 2015. Initially, Worldlink used the project and workforce management software to augment direct field partners with skilled contingent labor to fulfill nationwide projects.

The Field Nation Difference

Worldlink had a site-survey project that involved very specific, detailed deliverables, and on-site information gathering. At the beginning of the project, service providers had a difficult time understanding what was needed, which made work orders run longer than expected. The client was equally upset because they weren’t getting what they needed.

Then Worldlink enlisted the help of Field Nation. Several members of Field Nation and Worldlink worked together to be successful. Together, the teams figured out how to create clear work orders: looking at deliverables, entering tasks, and simplifying tasks all helped communicate better to service providers so they knew what needed to be done. Ever since, service providers have been delivering great results and the end-client has been highly satisfied.

“Part of the reason we have found success with Field Nation is the open line of communication we receive. We have had Field Nation employees come out to visit us and understand what it’s like to run a field service company.” And, Field Nation’s CEO Mynul Khan still has frequent 1-to-1 phone calls with the CEO of Worldlink.

Today: Success by the Numbers

After first adopting Field Nation, Worldlink decreased the time taken for approving deliverables from 30–45 days to 7–14 days. Worldlink has grown every year through its use of Field Nation, and are now running roughly 1,000 work orders per month through Field Nation.


Worldlink runs all work orders solely through the Field Nation platform. “If it’s not in Field Nation, it didn’t happen,” says Karen. Field Nation enabled Worldlink to add all of their vendors to the platform, making the platform the single point of access for all members in the deployment team.

“Having a central place for everything is huge,” says Karen, “everything we do is managed through Field Nation: our materials, lists, shipping, everything is tracked through our work orders and we have managed providers in  tandem with contractors from the Field Nation Marketplace.”