How Field Nation Works

We help clients find vetted service providers and manage projects in one place.

Clients Post Work Orders

Clients create work orders for service providers to complete. Those clients can post one work order at a time, or thousands of work orders at once. When the work order is ready, it’s time to publish it to the right network of service providers.

Clients Find Service Providers

Marketplace Network

The Field Nation Marketplace offers tens of thousands of independent service providers in multiple industries. This is a great place to post work and find service providers.

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Vendor Networks

Clients can share their work privately with a select group of service providers through a Vendor Networks. In these networks, the work is kept off of the Field Nation Marketplace, and only shared privately with hand-picked vendors.

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W2 Networks

Clients can import their W2 workforce into Field Nation. W2 Networks are private, and allow clients to keep all their work in one place.

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Service Providers Request Work to Complete

Service providers search available work orders for opportunities best suited to their skillset, location, and schedule. When service providers find work orders they’d like to complete, they request that work from the client. Multiple service providers can request each work order. In private Vendor Networks and W2 Networks, only members of a network can request work.

Clients Select the Right Service Provider

Clients filter and identify the best service provider for each work order. Behind the scenes, we use data collected over ten years and millions of work orders to suggest the best service provider for each work order.

Service Providers Complete Work Orders

Service providers can keep their client updated in real-time through the mobile app.

  • Confirmation the day before a work order scheduled start time
  • On My Way alerts dispatchers that the provider is en-route
  • In-platform communication tools help resolve on-site issues
  • Marking tasks complete on-site ensures the job is being completed to the client’s satisfaction

Clients Review and Approve Completed Work Orders

Clients are able to review completed work orders and their deliverables through our platform. When everything has been completed to the client’s satisfaction, they approve the work order for payment.

Field Nation Handles the Rest

Once work orders are approved, we handle the rest. We pay service providers twice a week, and issue their 1099 forms at the end of the year. Field Nation does not pay or handle tax documentation for W2 employees.

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