Why We’re Moving

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When Field Nation moved into AT&T tower in 2014, there were 25 employees working at our Minneapolis headquarters. Fast-forward to 2018, and there are about 85 employees and things are starting to get a little cramped. Okay, maybe really cramped (try sharing one refrigerator with 84 of your closest friends). As Field Nation continues to grow, our office is expanding, too. Our new 34,464 sq. foot space will be home to lots of new and exciting things. Here’s what some of the people behind the move have to say about it:

How Did You Contribute to the New Office?


 Teri Calderon, EVP of People Operations

“I was lucky to be a part of a talented team of employees who took part in the design, functionality, and planning of the new space.”



britta-cusickBritta Cusick, Talent and People Operations Partner

“I took on the role of point person for contact from furniture, architect, and construction vendors. ”



jessica-greenJessica Green, Senior Graphic Designer  

“I was involved from a brand/visual standpoint, as a sort of liaison/sounding board with our architectural design firm and vendors.”




Paul Wochnick, IT Manager

“I oversaw network, AV, and overall technology needs in the new space.”



Why Are You Excited About the New Space?

Teri Calderon: “I am excited that our new space will be able to accommodate all of the different ways people prefer to work. I am also excited that the new space will give us plenty of room to grow.”

Britta Cusick: “The space is beautiful and was designed to represent our product, our values, and our people. It will be wonderful to have a variety of spaces for people to work as they please while encouraging collaboration and socialization. I also think there are some cool surprises in the space that show the attention to detail that was given in the design, construction, and implementation phase.”

Jessica Green: “I’m excited to have enough room to explore more possibilities with more people. There are way more places to settle into and ideate with others, compared to our current space! Above all, it’s exciting to move into a space we know is ours, made for us and how we work.”

Paul Wochnick: “I’m am excited to see how our staff use the new space. People have a variety of ways they work and it will be great to see how people feel about their work in the new space.”


What Are Your Favorite Features in the New Office?

Teri Calderon: “I am especially in love with the beautiful cafe space where employees can come together to eat, play, work, socialize or all of the above. I also cannot wait to have a meeting in the “Think Tank” where we will have the most comfortable laptop chairs I have ever sat in.”

Britta Cusick: “The booths in the cafe are fun and cozy while the window seat in the cafe is playful and bright. I think the sheer amount of outlets on the cafe island will be excellent for potlucks- crock pots will no longer have to fight for outlet real estate. I also like that most of the teams/departments have an open office environment with a dedicated team space right in their neighborhood. Lastly, I think the focus lounge by sales will be a team favorite – it’s a different design than the rest of the space!”

Jessica Green: “The window seats, the number of small private spaces that accommodate all the different ways we work. And of course the cafe space as a whole! What a great community gathering space!”

Paul Wochnick: “The collaboration spaces that were designed to help our Minneapolis staff connect with our staff in Bangladesh.”


What Components in the New Space Reflect Field Nation (and Its Employees)?

Teri Calderon: We were really thoughtful in the planning process to have all the main components of the space in some way or another reflect Field Nation and our employees. The overall concept is an open environment reflecting the collaboration routinely found amongst Field Nation employees. The Focus Lounge provides a quieter space that features funky wallpaper and unique lighting – reflecting our innovative mindset.

Britta Cusick: It’s a bright, fun space that is innovative yet practical and not over the top. We like to have fun but we really like to work in functional spaces that allow us to do our best work.

Jessica Green: “The concept of the bright orange conduit represents the movement and connections platform users make on Field Nation (and now also our space). Furthermore, the light up logo in the elevator is certainly a reflection of Field Nation as it’s the source of the conduit. I’m also super excited for the mural in the cafe space, as it’s literally meant to reflect how Field Nation plays and where they play.”

Paul Wochnick: “The space reflects the variety of ways that people work. The space will accommodate users who need small or large collaborative spaces. It will also cater to users who need some solitude or a change of scenery.”