Find and Match with Service Providers

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The Field Nation Matching Algorithm

Field Nation’s new matching algorithm uses 10 years of data to recommend the best service providers for your work orders.


Want to learn more? Hear from Alex Smith, the man who led the matching algorithm initiative.

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Find and Match with Qualified Technicians. There are a lot of qualified service providers on our marketplace.

How will I ever select the best service provider for each work order? We’re here to help.We suggest up to 3 of the best candidates for each work order. Here’s how we do it:

For each work order, we factor in job requirements, location, and service provider qualifications. We also consider 10+ years of data, 100,000+ service providers, and over 3 million work orders. We take all that data and suggest the top 3 service providers for your work order.

Where can I see the top 3 service providers?


Recommended service providers are waiting for you, so let’s get work done.